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  • Combination of PBM current and antioxidant substance to cure brain disease – an innovation.
  • Acceleration of oxidizing agent catalyst activity of Cytochrome C inside the mitochondria directly increases the cell’s oxygen usage depending on the activity of the brain. Increased oxygen use of the nerve cell is related to oxidative phosphorylation, and ATP production increases due to near-infrared ray metabolic activity. When this type of light energy passes through the skull, it permeates mitochondria. Also, independently from the electrons induced from the cytosol, it helps the activation of cytochrome C oxidizing agent caused by the light stimulation.

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Neuron PBM (Neuron Photobiomodulation)

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Photon shooting from the near-infrared ray spectrum using LED (low emitting laser light) energy is applied in multiple important biological processes such as brain cell cultivation. According to studies, components of mitochondrial respiratory chain was activated. As a result, signalling cascade that accelerates cell proliferation and cell protection was generated.

  • Brain disease: stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s
  • Mental disorders: Depression, Panic disorder
  • Enhancement of memory
  • Endorphin production

Studii de specialitate

Cercetare științifică:

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