Dispozitiv Fotobiomodular pentru Sâni Hue-Light

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  • All illnesses should be managed through whole-body care. Our amazing whole-body Photobiomodulation (PBM) chamber provides sufficient energy for the body to self-treat dysfunctions and diseases.
  • Personal home low-level laser therapy for healthy breast
  • Comfort fit. Flexible, skin-like touch.
  • Compact. Yet, Powerful. Total of 360 low-level laser chips (View from an infrared spectrometer
  • US FDA, European certification, KC, RoHS hazardous substance safety certification. This breast PBM irradiator is a product that has proven its efficacy and stability through the US FDA approval process.

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Breast PBM Irradiator

Dispozitiv Fotobiomodular pentru Sâni Hue-Light Femei însărcinate

Pregnant Women

Common symptoms: mastitis, breast tenderness, sore, heavy, or tingly breasts

Dispozitiv Fotobiomodular pentru Sâni Hue-Light Alaptare

Breastfeeding moms

Common symptoms: blocked breast-milk flow, sharp and burning breast pain, breast lumps, sore nipples

Dispozitiv Fotobiomodular pentru Sâni Hue-Light Sindrom premenstrual

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Common symptoms: breast tenderness and heaviness, breast swelling, overall pain

Dispozitiv Fotobiomodular pentru Sâni Hue-Light

Breast cancer survivors

Common symptoms: breast swelling, skin dimpling, breast and/or nipple pain, thickened breast skin

Dispozitiv Fotobiomodular pentru Sâni Hue-Light

World's first PBM (Photobiomodulation) technology applied breast treatment device (PBM breast irradiator)

Dispozitiv Fotobiomodular pentru Sâni

View with infrared spectroscope

Two steps to healthy breasts:
1) 30-min Lymph exercise
2) 30-min Breast PBM therapy

How it works

The basic mechanism of the treatment is low-level laser therapy. Red and near-infrared lights penetrate deeply into the lymph nodes as well as the muscles to relieve pain and circulate the milk-flow, the lymph, and the blood.

In order to effectively alleviate any breast-related pains, applying such treatment to the breast and the lymphatic nodes under the armpit is crucial. Healthy management of the lymphatic nodes is the critical factor for breast health.

Dispozitiv Fotobiomodular pentru Sâni Hue-Light san
Dispozitiv Fotobiomodular pentru Sâni Hue-Light Comanda

8-Levels of Programmable Modes
per symptoms based on Nogier Frequencies

Cellular Activity

Auto-immune Balance

Nerve-pain control

Reduce Stress

Hormonal Balance

Brain Activity/Memory

Blood circulation

Frequency Cycling

Specs Value
Material: Medical Silicone
Voltage consumption: 100V~240V 50~60Hz/ Output DV 12V/24~35W
Maximum current: 90mA per chip
Weight: 270g
Dimensions: Length 283mm, Width 160mm, Thickness
Light irradiation intensity: Set to 8 steps
Wavelength spectrum: 780nm~940nm
Chip quantity: 368 total
Operating time: 30 min (automatic setting)
Operating output: 30 ~ 70 mW/cm2

Studii de specialitate

Cercetare științifică:

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